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We are a full-cycle system integrator

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The head office is located in Hong Kong

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The company Huge Trade HK was founded in January 2011. The head office is located in a building in Hong Kong.
The beginning of the creation of our company was the desire of a group of like-minded people connected by a common idea to combine their efforts and direct all their potential, taking into account many years of experience in the IT industry, to provide professional and comprehensive services for the supply and service support of IT products. Later, we were joined by a team from a completely different industry, related to the services of providing consulting assistance and assistance in the application of modern management methods adapted to the strategic goals and characteristics of each of the clients, by developing and building management systems in the field of quality, ecology, food products, information security., occupational health and safety on the basis of international standards of the ISO series, including other widely used standards.

The company Huge Trade HK, as a legal entity, has been operating in the information technology market since 2011, but the main staff, consisting of specialists and high–class professionals, has been on the market since the end of the 90s.
Our company is a full-cycle system integrator, i.e. we offer our customers a full range of services from consulting and information systems design to project implementation, equipment supply and service support.
The company's arsenal includes specialized IT solutions for government, educational, industrial, oil and gas and other sectors of the economy.
Over the years we have come a long way, and today the Company Huge Trade HK is one of the leading suppliers of personal computers, servers, laptops, peripherals, office equipment and network equipment, solutions and services in the field of information technology, maintenance.

The principles that Huge Trade HK is guided by are the introduction of modern equipment and technologies, the desire to develop its potential and an individual approach to each client, which allows building the most optimal, most convenient forms of cooperation for all interested parties.

Our Mission

We provide our customers with the opportunity to apply the latest achievements in the world of information technology and modern communications.

The complexity, thoughtfulness and completeness of our IT solutions, as well as our ability to turn abstract technologies into real opportunities, is only part of what we have in our arsenal.

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